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Mobile App Development With User Experience Design

Stats from the Google Play Store show that about 60% of the apps on the store have never been downloaded. A further 35% of them are downloaded but dead apps on our phones(rarely or never used). This means mobile app development needs not only the skills of a mobile developer but a multitude of disciplines to realize a successful app. At Africa Blue webs we offer a one-stop-shop for all your mobile app development needs for both iOS and Android.

For the success of your app, you’ll need a team with a strong Android mobile developer, iOS mobile developer, graphic designer, user experience expert, copywriter, analytics expert and a business strategist.

Your app can help you provide easy access to your services for your customers enhancing the user experience

Modern Development Approaches – Under the hood, an app has much more going on than what we see or interact with. In our software development processes, we make sure what is unseen also meets the highest standards of quality and follows the industry’s recommended practices. From the choice of programming languages to the architecture.

Why Are We Different? – We recognize the difference between knowing something about web development and truly mastering it

The Process from Idea to Complete Product

AFRICA BLUE WEBS guides our clients toward a more connected and efficient future. For the success of your app, we take the following four processes;

  • 1. UX Design & Prototyping – Design is at the heart of what we do. During this process, we carefully analyze the users needs to create mockups and prototypes of what the final app design will look like. ecosystems.
  • 2. App Development – In this process the developers get down and dirty to create the app’s guts. The development process follows to the letter the findings and output of the prototype. operations.

  • 3. App Testing – Testing is a key process to ensure standards are met and the app functions as required. Testing ensures the app follows the recommended security protocol. Optimization for better functionality is also done.
  • 4. App Deployment – Deployment and distribution ensure the app is placed in respective app stores in a well thought out manner to aid in the app being found. We do some in-store optimization to give your app discovery & track user interaction

App Development

Android App Development – Ever wonder how to build an app? You’re surely not alone but what’s even more important is how can you build a successful app that scales and functions properly. Android is the predominant platform in Africa and other emerging markets. Our understanding of how these markets interact with mobile gives us leverage in building a superior product. We have the data that shows very crucial elements of this platform such as the number per Android version, devices per brand, cultural dynamics, payments, e-commerce, e.t.c. This data guides us in approaching Android development.

iOS App Development – Apple has very strict guidelines on how an iOS app should be built. iOS app development follows a set of rules that govern how an app developer should approach design on their platforms. From elements such as navigation to how apps should create settings. Understanding these principles is key in creating apps for iOS. We mostly build our iOS apps with the Swift programming language.

Web Portal to Manage Your Mobile App – Most apps have features such as push notifications, news updates, reminders e.t.c. With a web portal, you can send out a notification to the users of your app or even view some key metrics from inside your app. We ensure our app development services are wholistic that’s why we offer end to end solutions that meet your business needs. Most apps without peer to peer interaction usually require a management portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to build an app?
Complete app development takes about three months. However, you’ll see a complete mockup of your app within two weeks. For apps that are based on both iOS and Android, the time limits may vary depending on the features of the respective app.

How much does it cost to build an app?
Our rates start from USD. 11,000. Price is dependent on the features for your app and whether the app is targeting both Android and iOS. Integrations with other systems such as ERPs or core banking also affect the price of the app.

Do you build apps that integrate payment?
Sure. It’s among our strongholds. We can integrate your mobile app with MPesa payments, Card payments and any other requested mode of payment.

Can you build an E-Commerce app?
Yes. Talk to us about your requirements for more details.

Can you build a content delivery app?
Yes. Talk to us about your requirements for more details.

Can you Integrate my app with my website?
Yes. However, the underlining technology for your website needs to be customizable for that option. We sometimes recommend building both platforms ourselves where need be.

How will we maintain your app?
Most times when an app is created it can either fetch content from an existing system such as an ERP or a custom management portal is created. The portal is usually a web application that you can access via any browser. To help you manage your app, we’ll either build a portal or do integration with an existing system.

If need be, Africa Blue Webs will sign a maintenance contract to ensure the app and its backend are at 100% at all times.

Our Clients

Africa Blue Webs has over the years been involved in the development of Mobile APPs for major brands in Africa and the world. Some of our clients are listed below:

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