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Our People

Our People

Africa Blue Webs is run by a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals with a vast wealth of experience in various Information Technology fields, in an environment that encourages career growth, information and knowledge sharing and mutual support.

Training and Development

An integral part of our strategy, investment in human resource is one of the key areas that are geared towards generating and sustaining a competitive edge. Continuous training in upcoming technologies and practices ensure that we have the suitable and adequate human capital to respond comprehensively to strategic shifts.


Over the years, we have built a culture that recognize, appreciates and recognizes innovation and creativity, the pursuit of excellence and the building of relationships rather than simple transactions. This unique environment allows us to attract high caliber staff who continue to deliver beyond expectations and set the standards in the industry.

The Team

Tuva Adams Tuva – Founding Director / Lead Software Developer
Adams is the Lead Software Developer at Africa Blue Webs. The lead developer provides planning, processing and performings all jobs designs and develops programming systems.

Adams conducts system analysis and development with the support of Africa Blue Webs professional staff. He provides feedback to analysis/training staff about performance considerations/usability issues concerning software specifications and implementation researches and recommends software tools to management.

Adams has a vast experience in data center security whilst working for local banks.

Brian Kimani – Director In Charge Of Technology
Brian is the technology lead at Africa Blue Webs. He is a full-stack software engineer who started as a graphic designer. He has demonstrated his expertise in technology. He understands software development, multimedia (video editing and photography) and UX design. He is a skilled trainer in digital marketing and a lecturer of computer science. His main focus is developing websites that concentrate on your visitors’ needs.

Francis Kipkoech – Business Strategy & Marketing
Francis is the team lead at Africa Blue Webs. He has years of expereince in the Digital Space coming across all categories of business. He has the ability to think with you how you should approach the digital ecosystem from a strategic point of view. He is passionate about small businesses and wants to help them digitize thier processes and become more efficient.

Nicholas Kimuli – Software Engineer – Android & iOS Mobile Developer
Nick is our go to guy for building any customization and backend functionality for your app. He has experence in Javascript, Swift, Java and Node.js. He is tasked with building the backend and server-side fuctionality for your app. He also builds the portal for your app.

Michael Njoroge – Software Engineer – Android/iOS Mobile Developer | UX Designer
Michael is a team member who is proficient with UX design and mobile app development. He has strong web development skills as well as having been a Vue.js developer for many years. Having come from a graphic design background, he can compile the best of design and mobile development.

Alvin Omondi – Web & Mobile Developer
Alvin is the type of guy who can build a website literally from scratch using nothing but PHP and Javascript. His focus is on visualizing data, mobile platforms and APIs.

Jeff Wafula – Graphic Design & UX Design
Jeff is the guy who visualizes your website and mocks it up. He has exceptional skills in graphic design. He is constantly learning and improving so that his work does most of the speaking.

Emily Kituli – Project Management
Emily is our project manager at Africa Blue Webs. She is the contact person between the company and the client. She manages all aspects of communication and handles all requests by clients. Her warm personality and focus on fast execution make clients know they can count on us.

Collins Koech – Web Designer
Collins simply understands how software should be styled. He is keen on the approach taken during website development. He is not only talented in creating software development but connects the business aspect of an app and design. He has years of experience in CSS development. He also has graphic design skills which are crucial for software development.

Fiona Waithira – Copywriter
How you express yourself online is very important. Fiona helps the users of your website understand what you do and she puts it in a compelling but easy to digest way. She can wirte long-form content for your website and help you with SEO.

Jackie Malasiba – Copywriter
Jacquie is experienced in copy, script and article writing. She is also skilled in research and digital marketing strategy and has been able to raise the bar high for big brands ensuring that creative content being churned out is both engaging and above all, shareable

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