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Queue Management System

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Queue Management System in Kenya

Improve productivity, reduce customer waiting and enhance customer experience

Are you facing problems like unorganized waiting areas, queue congestion due to the increased customer waiting time, increased employee idle time, frustrated customers due to unfair serving and walk-offs, unable to monitor the performance of a branch located in a distant location?

Ultimately this affects your brand as you are unable to create a unique customer experience which can be your competitive edge. In turn, it diminishes customer loyalty. Yet, hiring additional employees is not the answer, as this may reduce productivity, lead to staff idleness, and reduce profitability.

Wait no more, We can solve your problem!

Our Queue Management Solution is designed not only to address all your problems but also help you create an environment where your customers can feel at home even while waiting. Our solution can: redefine customer experience, gain visibility into your branch operations to measure performance and help you create a competitive edge.

Introducing QueueProManager – Key Features

  • Easy, customizable and reliable. Web based solution for easy management
  • Interactive Graphical User Interface
  • Mobile queueing – use mobile app to get ticket before reaching the branch
  • Centralized Management – monitor all your branches from a single location
  • Digital signage integration to engage waiting customers and reduce perceived wait times

  • Queued Ticket Monitoring & Warning alert receiving
  • Services Categorization
  • Performance insights using web based dashboard and reports for decision making
  • Cloud ready
  • Cost effective- choose from fundamental and optional features

QueueProManager is a cost-effective solution for everyone: For Management, For Operator and For Customer.

Our Queue Management System is ideal for following businesses in Kenya:

  • Banks
  • Government Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Embassies
  • Telcom service centers

  • Services Categorization
  • Saccos
  • Universities & schools
  • Clinics
  • Any other organization which encounters a heavy flow of customers.

Our QMS is the ultimate turnkey solution for single to multi-branch businesses seeking to enhance customer experience and brand.


8″ Ticket Dispenser

10″ Ticket Dispenser

Standing Ticket Kiosk

Counter Display

Customer Feedback Devices

7″ Ticket Call Terminal

Main Display

Digital Signage

32″ Standy Kiosk

4/8 Port PoE Switch

Voice Module


Virtual Call Terminal

Queue Management

Customer Feedback

Online Appointment

Digital Signage System

Table Report

Content Management System

Content Management

Mobile Device

Web Appointment

Multiple Chart/Graph Report

Custom Ticket Format

Email Reports

Multi-Selection Report

Favorite Report

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