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IT Audit, Assessment and Assurance Services

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IT Audit, Assessment and Assurance Services

Our IT Audit, Assessment & Assurance consists of careful analysis of the technical and managerial aspects of your IT infrastructure. This helps

  • To make your organization’s IT resources more agile to support emerging technologies and changes.
  • To evaluate your IT resources and ensure that they are meeting your business needs now and in the future.

Africa Blue Webs’ Infrastructure audit, assessment & assurance services involve a number processes including examination of all physical hardware helps find health, performance, end of life and accurate inventory management, adoption of new technologies and strategic direction options, reduced server utilization and energy consumption, system architectures related to capability, capacity, scalability, Strategic direction and impact analysis that articulates technological, financial, service level, and human resource considerations and recommendations.


An IT audit is to evaluate the system’s internal control design and effectiveness against relevant standards and best practices. This includes but is not limited to, design, implementation, performance, efficiency, security protocols and IT governance or oversight. Installing controls are necessary but not sufficient to provide adequate security. Periodic review of the infrastructure and the processes is mandatory to ensure compliance to these controls.

Africa Blue Webs, in its role as an IT infrastructure consulting company has been responsible for building out and upgrading number of information technology infrastructure projects for its clients in India and Overseas. Our IT consulting staff is specially trained for assessment of network, data center, compute, storage and security solutions.

Africa Blue Webs has relevant skills and experience to carry out the audit for

  • Network Design and Performance
  • Datacenter Design and Performance
  • Security Solutions and Policies
  • Technology
  • Operation and Maintenance Processes


IT assessment help Optimize IT resources through proper gauging of its strengths and weaknesses and help in right sizing, protection, effective utilization, scalability, stability, security, resilience, utilization of the right technology and achieve improved efficiency, performance and uptime.

Africa Blue Webs Infrastructure Assessment services takes structured and systematic approach in providing end to end support with proper understanding and alignment with the customer’s requirement and expectation.

We offer the following levels of assessment services:

  • Level – 1: Progressive and proactive monitoring.
  • Level – 2: High Availability with preventive mechanism & technics
  • Level – 3: Optimization, standardization & Consolidation
  • Level – 4: Advanced Visibility & Prompt Service
  • Level – 5: Scalable, Structured, Quantitative & Qualitative Service Delivery.


Assurance is the process of getting the right information to the right people at the right time with Information Risk Management, Trust Management, Resilience, appropriate Architecture, system safety, and security.

Our professionals provide independent, pragmatic advice and advanced technology capabilities to help you proactively and reactively manage your technology risks and use the data to its full potential.

Our Information Assurance services help customers secure their information with 5 pillars of security namely Integrity, Availability, Authentication, Confidentiality, Nonrepudiation.

We can help provide high levels of assurance and insights in respect of your technology, including:

  • IT infrastructure internal and external audit services.
  • IT infrastructure assessment and benchmarking services.
  • IT infrastructure certification services.
  • IT infrastructure security and business resilience services.
  • IT Data privacy and protection services.

Benefits of our Audit, Assessment and Assessment Services

  • Proactively review and reduce your risks around the use of IT
  • Demonstrate compliance with standards.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of costly and damaging IT security / data privacy and protection breaches.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of interruptions to your business operations through the implementation of appropriate IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans.


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