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Physical Security Solutions

Even the best cybersecurity systems are ineffective if physical assets are in jeopardy. At AFRICA BLUE WEBS, we view physical security as a logical extension of a robust cybersecurity posture.

Effectively maintaining the physical security of a corporate, government institution, shopping mall or school campus includes integrating technology solutions like video surveillance, door access, visitor management, mantraps and pass-throughs, paging and communication systems, and more.

We understand the importance of comprehensive security management. Our network-based physical security solutions can be implemented at a single facility, across a campus, throughout an organization or nationwide. Depending on your requirements, our total security solutions can include:

Access control systems

We are an independent system integrator for access control solution giving our customers great flexibility through wide range of vendor choice.

There are many different types of access control systems available, such as standalone systems for one to four doors; mid-size systems that use single-factor authentication, such as a keypad or proximity card; and large-scale systems that enable corporations to provide access to employees at multiple facilities while using a single credential. However, there is no easy answer as to how to best manage facility access. Many factors come into play when determining which access control system is right for a business which point to our expertise at your disposal.

Video surveillance and analytics

Africa Blue Webs offers the broadest selection of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. From our industry-leading fixed and high-speed IP cameras to panoramic, thermalimaging, explosionproof and more, we offer a camera for any environment, any lighting condition and any application.

Our surveillance system will always seek to achieve the below;

  • Deter
  • Detect
  • Recognise
  • Identify

Video management software

In the view of rising terror and crimes, safety and security is of utmost importance for any organization. What enterprises require today is not just generic video surveillance that will be used to investigate the event after it has occurred. In order to safeguard employees and expensive assets from damage, it is extremely critical to choose the right security system. Africa Blue Webs Video Management System for enterprises and corporates is a smart solution with preventive security that issues real-time alerts, thus enabling you to take timely action and prevent damage rather than investigating at a later stage.

IP based video surveillance systems have thousands of cameras that communicate over the IP network. This, along with demands for 24/7 operation, real-time viewing and global access, make it necessary to have a powerful and effective video management system (VMS) to aid in viewing, recording and managing the large number of cameras.

Our Video Surveillance Management solution is specifically designed to meet diverse and complex needs of large enterprises having multiple sites connected to a central location or a large, single site. The VMS is designed on five pillars:

  • Centralized Management and Control
  • Preventive Safety and Security
  • Storage Optimization

  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • Integration with Peripheral IP Systems

The solution is not just a passive monitoring tool, but is packed with many intelligent features and video analytics. This helps business owners, managers and security personnel in responding proactively to prevent unwanted incidents, which can lead to loss of productivity or loss of human/physical assets. Furthermore, our VMS can be integrated with other solutions such as Weighbridge, POS, ATM, Access Control, Time-Attendance, Fire Alarm and Building Management System to strengthen security.

Every enterprise has unique security requirements that cannot be fulfilled by general video surveillance. Our Video Management System for corporates comes with Intelligent Video Analytics like Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Trip Wire, Face Detection, etc. to ensure the real-time preventive security of employees and assets. And it’s not just limited to security. Intelligent features like People Counting system and Parking Management solution boosts productivity and ensures customer retention by enabling you to provide best services at all times.

Automatic Barriers, gates.

At Africa Blue Webs, we can both supply and/or install vehicular barriers that efficiently control the traffic in your site according to your specific requirements.  There is also a wide variety of access control on offer, including proximity card readers, digital keypads, radio fob access systems and long range license plate recognition.  We can also provide systems to track and monitor entry/exit from your site as well as linking our traffic barriers to your existing access control, if required.

We can install Automatic Barriers anywhere in the region, for a huge variety of different sites, including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial parking areas
  • Staff parking areas (ranging from 3 car parking spaces to over 500)
  • Shopping mall parking areas
  • Public parking areas for hotels, hospitals and universities

  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Residential apartments
  • Inside factory premises

If you are looking for an effective, reliable and economical way to secure your car parking spaces then Africa Blue Webs Systems’ car parking barriers, automatic barriers or traffic barriers are the solution you have been looking for!

Automatic Bollards

If you are searching for a perfect way to protect your site from the entry of unauthorized vehicles or to ensure that a pedestrian zone is used only by pedestrians at certain times of the day, then automatic bollards are a solution worth further investigation.

Both functional and manageable, our automatic bollards can be designed to meet the technical and aesthetic standards that you need in order to provide the right level of security for your environment.  Their robust construction and reliable operation make our automatic bollards the most effective way to provide access control and allow pedestrian access.  Pas 68 rated and Anti Terror Bollards are also available from Automate Systems Ltd.

Our wealth of experience in installing automatic bollards allows us to install them with minimal disruption to your site. We can interface the bollards with any existing access control, or provide a new system for you to use. For example, the bollards can be operated via radio fobs, proximity cards, GSM Access, Push Button Control or from a central location.

Automatic Bollards Are Useful:

  • To protect roller shutters or loading bays from ram-raid attack
  • To prevent the general public from entering restricted areas
  • To ensure that drivers pay the parking fee at private parking areas

  • To prevent vehicles from encroaching into pedestrian areas
  • To permit only authorized types of vehicles onto a particular site

Automatic bollards from Africa Blue Webs are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Fixed, removable or retractable variations can also be specified to suit the specific requirements.

Automated bollards can also be supplied with in-built lights for superior visibility and to indicate their presence at night

Fire detections alarms

Africa Blue Webs offers a broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable fire detection and notification. Our solutions provide precise, life-saving information at critical moments and are relied upon to help protect office buildings, warehouses, lodging establishments, educational facilities, retail stores and many other types of facilities.

Fire detection systems are designed to discover fires early in their development when time will still be available for the safe evacuation of occupants. Early detection also plays a significant role in protecting the safety of emergency response personnel. Property loss can be reduced and downtime for the operation minimized through early detection because control efforts are started while the fire is still small. Most alarm systems provide information to emergency responders on the location of the fire, speeding the process of fire control.

To be useful, detectors must be coupled with alarms. Alarm systems provide notice to at least the building occupants and usually transmit a signal to a staffed monitoring station either on or off site. In some cases, alarms may go directly to the fire department, although in most locations this is no longer the typical approach.

Intruder alarm systems/ Intrusion detection systems

Africa Blue Webs’ alarm and intrusion detection systems deter break-ins and burglaries, reduce theft and property loss, and provide a safer and more secure business environment. We design our custom burglar alarms (intrusion detection) solutions to meet your specific needs. Africa Blue Webs installs, services, supports, tests, and provides monitoring for burglar alarm systems.

Intruder Alarm Products

  • Control panels
  • Shock sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Integrated ‘smart’ detection
  • Alarm monitoring services
  • Alarm control panels
  • Keypads
  • Door and window contacts

  • Motion PIRs/sensors
  • Glassbreak detectors
  • Interior/exterior sirens
  • Hold-up panic buttons
  • Photoelectric beam detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Water/temperature/humidity sensors
  • Gas and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Silent alarms
  • Voice (audio) alarm verification
  • Remote phone control
  • Duress code
  • Driveway/exit alarm systems
  • 24-hour alarm monitoring
  • Alarm testing cellular backup system

Public address and Evacuation system

Public Address and Voice Evacuation systems in buildings are used for music broadcast and the evacuation of people in emergency situations.

While music broadcast aims to provide a pleasant ambience for people, voice evacuation’s goal is to evacuate them to a safe environment.

The size and the acoustic structure of the area, the number of zones and special requests determine the system’s structure. It is possible to establish different-sized systems, from a single zone to hundreds of zones, from a single announcement point to hundreds of announcement points.

The systems can work in integration with other systems such as fire detection and alarm system and airport flight information system to make automated announcements and pre-programmed informational broadcasts.

Voice systems aim not only to provide music and announcements, but also to ensure they can be understood and are safe and continuous. Apart from meeting all the international security standards in the systems that we install, we also provide our customers with the advantage of a broad product portfolio range from a simple analogue system to a multi-functional digital system.

The systems we provide solutions with have a broad product range

  • Simple, single or double-zone paging systems
  • Modular, public evacuation systems that can grow up to 60 zones
  • Digital, voice evacuation systems that can grow unlimitedly

  • Rack-mount speakers
  • Column-type speakers
  • Projector-type speakers
  • Horn-type speakers
  • Line array type speakers
  • Digital and analog paging stations

  • Music Resources
  • Suspended ceiling speakers
  • Volume control and channel selector units
  • Various Interfaces


Turnstile access control system is one of the most important systems among access control systems. Turnstile selection towards access control is depending on the security system where the conditions are suitable for the application. Arrival and departure times of the employees in the companies, visitors, cafeterias, stadiums etc. may be supervised through different models of turnstiles.

  • Tripod turnstiles – Most commonly used turnstiles
  • VIP turnstiles – Suitable for special and disabled access
  • Full height turnstiles – mostly used in stadiums, gates and public places
  • Fastlane turnstiles – suitable for fast access, has elegant looks.

Visitor management – Check, Track & Verify Visitors

In today’s security conscious environments, entering, managing and tracking visitors is a key task. Front desk staff and security officers in most organizations today use unreliable, inaccurate and inefficient paper-based systems.

Visitor Management System allows organizations to streamline the check-in process for visitors. Businesses can collect and easily recall real-time accurate data of current and pending authorized visitors and track visitor information to help monitor employee, visitors and facility safety. Visitor Management application utilizes ID scanning, electronics signatures, pre-registration web portal of individuals, email notifications, and customizable printing of visitor badges.

VMS delivers a complete visitor management solution integrated within the Incident Reporting Platform. This integration provides the key advantage of access to existing personnel, banned/watched subjects and location synergies, reducing the need for duplicate visitor information or multiple redundant information entry.

Visitor management, web registration, badging and tracking are key services to any security environment. By employing the Visitor Management System to replace existing paper based sign in books or standalone proprietary systems, corporations are showing a complete commitment to security and safety.

Our Visitor Management software system is ideal for hospitals, corporate property management, casinos, nightclubs, schools, and government buildings.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

There are many different models available for X-ray baggage scanner, depending on the location and purpose of the X-ray scanner. The tunnels of the x-ray baggage scanner are determined according to the place to be used.

50×30 tunnels are usually suitable for places entered with handbags, such as shopping mall entrances, public institutions and organizations; as the size of the package to be controlled increases; 65×50, 80×65, or 100×100 will be more convenient.

Sites such as airports, bus terminals, hotel entrances should prefer devices with large tunnel measurements. Another important feature of the X-ray baggage scanner is the power of the generator. According to the generator power, x-ray scanner can give 2 or 4 color image, can make organic-inorganic separation.

Our X-ray package and bag scanner devices all has CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 1600.

Walk-through Metal detectors

Walk through metal detectors; the panel on the sides dividing human body by the equal parts and search for whether there is any metal or not. The alarm level can be set according to the density of the metal.

Thanks to the LED display on the devices; the number of people who have switched from the device and the number of people that the device has alerted can be easily seen.

Walk through metal detectors starting from 6 zones; can be up to 45 regions of the body part. The devices has waterproof and fireproof models. Hand detectors are used to scan the person passing through the door detector.

The handheld detector has different models, either charged or battery powered.

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